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Beginners Course Overview

Impact Technologies offers step by step foundation courses for robotics where you can learn the fundamentals. We offer Robotics where you can learn core techniques for representing robots that perform physical tasks in the real world. It will cover the fundamentals of robotics, focusing on both the mind and the body.

Why Coding for Kids?

Are coding classes for kids suitable?

When you’re a parent exploring the possibilities that coding classes for kids can bring, you’re probably wondering whether coding courses will suit your child. The benefits of learning to code courses extend far beyond future job opportunities. Impact Technologies teaches coding for kids in programs designed to stimulate creativity, problem-solving skills, and academic performance overall. Over the longer term, online coding courses are a great way to train learners for an increasingly tech-oriented world.

Your kids can learn logic, structure, sequence and creative expression George Land & Beth Jar man’s landmark NASA study identified that kids peak in creativity at age 6, followed by a gradual decline as they grow up.

The real promise of coding is not that kids will become computer engineers. Coding is a fun tool for kids to exercise their desire to build, curiosity to question, imagination to explore – the traits that will serve any child well in nearly any career, in every hobby, and in life.

What will you learn in a coding course for kids?

Impact Technologies coding courses are oriented towards coding and programming. You will learn:

  • The essentials of coding: Logic, Structure, Sequence
  • To create Websites, Animations & Applications.
  • To manipulate data using programming languages.


Digital Electronic & Communication

(A)  First

Computer Science & Networking

(B)  Second

Electronic, Electrical & Mechanical

(C)  Third

1. Robotic Project by Arduino & Microcontroller

2. Learn Microcontrollers@ Chip level programming

3. Interfacing Bluetooth & Wi-Fi Module to other Devises

4. Sensors Application & how to use it as a input

5. Invent Application for Computer & Mobile  

1. C & C++ Programming logic & Techniques

2. Oracle, Core Java, Advance Java


4. VB.NET, C#.NET lls, SQL Server

5. 3D Animation, Visualization & Sp. Effect


1. PLC-Scada, Software making

2. PCB Designing & Development

3. How to Implementation Hardware & Circuit Diagram yourself

4. Learn simulation into Simulator



Electronic circuits are everywhere, from computers and smart phones, to home appliances and cars. Think of all the everyday objects that are becoming “smart”… in the future, most of the things that we own will contain some electronics. Jobs in electronics are in high demand and well paid in almost every country!

Building electronic products is incredibly rewarding, whether you do it professionally or just as a hobby. There is just something different and exciting about designing something physical that can be hold in one’s hand and that interacts with the outside world, and today it has become incredibly easy to get started thanks to cheap development boards such as the Arduino and Raspberry Pi, combined with the right knowledge.